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Consumer Products, Professional Use Items

Proctor Engineering Research & Consulting, Inc., performs examination, evaluation and testing of consumer products and professional use items.

Consumer products, ranging from infant products to products for seniors, are examined for proper design and performance. Typical review includes industrial guidelines, codes and standards compliance, and safety and risk assessment.

Mechanical Engineering and Design Analysis

A sampling of assignments received by Proctor Engineering for consumer and professional use product evaluation are items such as - aluminum, steel and wooden ladders, water skis, ATVs, personal watercraft, garden tillers, wood chippers and shredders, bicycles, mountain bikes, motorized bicycles, kerosene, propane and gas heaters, riding lawnmowers, children's cribs, industrial crushers, auger systems, professional food preparation equipment and industrial machines and components.

Consumer Items

A wide variety of comsumer items have been examined by PERC.

Professional Use Items

In addition to consumer items, Proctor Engineering performs evaluation and testing of professional use items.

Engineering Research Campus

The 5-acre Proctor Engineering research campus offers a 5000 square foot office complex, a 3000 square foot shop with an enclosed warehouse and loading dock, a small arms firing range and a covered inspection area.

Located in Alachua, Florida - only minutes from Gainesville Regional Airport.


Engineering Conference Center

Proctor Engineering's Conference Center is located at the Miami-Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport, Landmark Aviation.
The facility provides two large conference rooms, and an executive lecture style conference room with auditorium seating for 6.

Located in Miami, Florida - at the Miami-Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport.