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Industrial Components and Safety

Proctor Engineering Research & Consulting, Inc. has examined various industrial, commercial and residential events for both plaintiff and defense clients, and the insurance industry. Expert testimony has involved detailed investigation, research, testing and analysis. Systems and component assignments have included devices as noted in the following:

Light enclosure explosion; Residential House Fires; Commercial Building Fires; Industrial Explosions; Facility Fires;

Industrial and Marine Fires and Explosions

Proctor Engineering Research & Consulting, Inc. has established experience in investigation and analysis of fire cause and origin, toxic emissions, as well as large scale explosion events. Examples include launch pad welding toxic emissions at KSC; Acid absorption tower explosion; Fire retardant toxic emissions; Glass manufacturing toxic emissions; Gas explosion analysis; Magnesium explosion; Natural gas furnace design; Polyurethane varnish toxic emissions; Fire protection blanket design analysis; Marina Fire; Boat Fires; Boat Explosions;

Facility Fire and Explosion

Proctor Engineering provides cause and orgin investigations as well as analysis of complex systems failures resulting in industrial explosion and fire. Commercial and industrial vehicle fire investigations, including that of a 100 ton Titan truck fire in Muswellbrook, Australia, have been performed by PERC.

Laboratory, Bench Scale, and Full Scale Testing and Research

Proctor Engineering has performed a variety of fire testing, both in the laboratory and with full scale models. Working with the Florida State Fire College, Proctor Engineering has constructed and conducted full-scale testing of room fires.

Engineering Research Campus

The 5-acre Proctor Engineering research campus offers a 5000 square foot office complex, a 3000 square foot shop with an enclosed warehouse and loading dock, a small arms firing range and a covered inspection area.

Located in Alachua, Florida - only minutes from Gainesville Regional Airport.


Engineering Conference Center

Proctor Engineering's Conference Center is located at the Miami-Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport, Landmark Aviation.
The facility provides two large conference rooms, and an executive lecture style conference room with auditorium seating for 6.

Located in Miami, Florida - at the Miami-Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport.